Redis Cache Pro

Pays for itself with one outage avoided

Predictable, transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

OSS Pro Ent.
Audience Hobbyists Small Business Med–Large Cmpy.
Predis/HHVM support
API compliant
Easy to debug
Logging support
Highly optimized
Continuously tested
WooCommerce optimized
Health checks
Cache preloading
Cache analytics
1:1 onboarding
Dedicated engineer
Dedicated support Email Email, Slack
Response time 24h SLA*
License GPLv3 Comm. Comm.
Pricing Free $950/year or $95/mo Starting at $175/mo

All sales come with a two week, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Questions or concerns?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay monthly?
Yes! However, you won’t get two months free as you do when you pay yearly. Get Redis Cache Pro for $95/month.
Can I get a discount?
For Pro customers, there are no discounts or deals, except for early-stage businesses. For Enterprise customers, discounts are available for larger volumes and payment periods.
Is there a trial version?
There’s no free trial, but we do offer a 14-day period with full refund if it doesn’t work out for you.
Is a Redis instance/cluster included?
No, the price includes the actively developed software, great support, and a dedicated engineer for Enterprise customers. Furthermore, your Redis instance/cluster must reside as close as possible to your web server(s), to avoid unnecessary response network I/O.
What happens if my subscription lapses?

You must have an active subscription to run Redis Cache Pro. After a two week grace period, you’ll lose access to the packagist server and priority support. You won’t get any more updates or bug fixes, and composer install won’t work anymore.

Please note that pricing can change. Once you purchase a subscription, you get that price forever as long as you continue to pay on time. If your subscription expires for non-payment, you will lose that pricing and need to repurchase at current pricing.

How does licensing work?

Every organization running Redis Cache Pro on its own servers must have a license. There’s no limit to the number of servers or environments used by that organization.

Looking to embed Redis Cache Pro in your virtual server, appliance, or as part of your dedicated/managed hosting offering? See below.

Can I distribute Redis Cache Pro to my customers?

This is a common requirement for "on-site installs" or "appliances" sold to large corporations.

The standard license is only appropriate for SaaS usage as it does not allow distribution. Redis Cache Pro has an Appliance license option that does allow you to distribute them. The Appliance license is $9,500/yr for Pro and $19,500/yr for Enterprise. It allows you to distribute the Pro or Enterprise packages as part of your application and each of your customers to run Redis Cache Pro as part of your application only.